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Services Provided

Automated System Design/Build

An automated machine or system is used when manufacturing teams need a technical solution to increase safety, throughput, repeatability, and high quality.  The team at BBE has designed and build more than 300 systems for hundreds of processes in several industries.  We support your engineering team by providing solutions that match your process.  We engage in the solutioning early on to avoid missteps and infuse our experience into the solution.

Plant Risk Analysis Support

Black Box Engineering steps into your manufacturing plant to help you analyze the process to determine risk points.  Risk points cause downtime and lost product.  Our team provides a wholistic view of your manufacturing process's weak points along with a comprehensive phased plan to address those risk points.  This converts the 'fire fighting' dynamic to a process improvement dynamic within your team.

Manufacturing Analytics Solutions

Every plant manager would like to have real time data that is believable and meaningful to base their decisions on.  BBE has automated kits and systems to be deployed in your plant to collect that process information in real time and present it to you and your team in a dashboard environment on your smartphone, tablet, monitor or web interface.

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