Connecting of Disciplines

Are you starting a new division, implementing a product line, ready to take the next step in the operations of your company or maybe you just need help with a big project?

For years we have integrated our engineering & production team with other companies to help them understand what is needed to expand their offering or improve their existing systems.  

We are ready to jump in and provide candid help getting you going.  We just get down to the critical path work and execute.  

Lean Plant Manufacturing

In order to improve a process it should be quantified to ensure measurable improvement.  We can help implement lean concepts as well as set up a central database monitoring system.    

  • DCS


  • Central Monitoring

  • Mobile device access

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) reporting

  • Digital plant dashboards

  • Real time analytics

  • Remote Alarming (text, email, phone)

  • 5S & six sigma practices

Custom Work Stations

Medium and High volume production manufacturing facilities depend on fast and accurate assembly of products.  When the process cannot be automated with machines, a workstation can improve the comfort and efficiency of the assembly process.  

Important considerations:

  • Repetition work injuries

  • Erogonomic factors for workers including table height adjustment

  • 5S practices having tools at finger tips

  • Assembly testing equipment (electrical, go-no-go, mechanical)

  • Lighting

  • Fans

  • Power, Ethernet, phone accessible

  • Work instruction easily visible

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