Design & Build what you need

You are the process experts.  We can design, build & test a system for your process.

  • Web Handling systems

  • Web steering systems

  • Repeat assembly production

  • Vision part inspection with cameras

  • Bar code reading

  • Custom production plant equipment

  • Gear boxes

  • Automated mechanisms

  • Parts Handling

Automated Machine Build

Automation can dramatically improve production safety, quality control, ergonomics and/or production efficiency.  We can help you design engineer a system from a napkin sketch to build to your specifications. 

Some industries we have helped so far:

  • Medical

  • Automotive

  • Aerospace

  • Oil & Gas

  • Semi conductor

  • Circuit board

  • Food & Beverage

  • Plastic web/bag

Industrial Plant Automation

Keeping a manufacturing facility operational can be daunting. We have helped large companies keep their facilities running, improved operational efficiency and significantly reduced down time.  


Let our engineers and craftsman be an extension to your service arm.  

  • PLC control & programming

  • HMI programming

  • System troubleshooting

  • Vision systems

  • Servo motion

Electrical Panel Building

Sometimes you just need an electrical panel, an MCC, an e-house, or someone to install it for you and get your existing program loaded and running.  


Our panel building shop and lay out a clean and serviceable panel with clear labeling. 

Let our engineers and craftsman be an extension to your service arm.  ​

  • Control panel layout & build

  • Component selection

  • Electrical schematics

  • Field wiring diagram

  • Single line drawings

PLC Programming

Finding a controls engineering team that understands your process is difficult to find, especially at a reasonable price.  Our controls engineers have a strong understanding of processes from many industries on a fundamental level.  This fundamental understanding of processes combined with structured programming experience is a unique skillset that your project can benefit from.  

If you need SCADA, DCS, data collection, OPC, or a central data analysis system click here!

Field Installation Servies

​We can do the SAT, commissioning, debugging or installation the system we build for you or fix an existing system in your plant.

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